“Wanda’s coaching has been a tremendous help to me. I would often start our coaching calls feeling stuck and discouraged, but in every coaching session, Wanda helped me see new ways of facing my challenges and helped me make a plan to move forward.”                                                                              -Peter

“Wanda listens attentively and compassionately and seems to read between the lines of what I’m saying.  Her questions press in deeply to invite breakthrough solutions.”                                                                                                                                 -Camie

“Wanda has a unique life coaching skill of HEARING what I’m NOT saying and asking questions around that to bring “aha’s” and “new awareness” to move me forward in our coaching sessions.”                                                                             -Karen



“Wanda Patrick is one of the most gifted coaches I’ve met. She has an ability to relate to clients in a very deep and meaningful way. Each and every time that I have been coached by Wanda, I have walked away enlightened, inspired and encouraged. I feel like I have been heard and understood on a very personal level. Multiple times her insightful questions have caused me to be full of wonder at the endless possibilities that God has for me. Because of her professionalism, giftedness and genuine warmth, I would highly recommend Wanda as someone to choose as your life coach. No doubt you will become a better person for it.”

I have had the absolute pleasure of being coached by Wanda. Her gentle nature, caring spirit, and insightful questions enabled me to understand who my audience was for my business. She helped me get past many blocks that enabled me to be closer to my audience and myself. Wanda is a highly skilled coach, because of her coaching, I am committed to the work I have to do here on earth.


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