“The greatest motivator of change is a crystal-clear vision of what the future should look like.”   Andy Stanley

If I had my way, change wouldn’t be a part of my life. But I haven’t had my way.  As the daughter of an Air Force officer, the only thing I could confidently predict was that a move was coming – probably soon – and I would have to step out of my comfort zone and into uncertainty again and again.

We moved 12 times in my first 17 years. As a shy and introverted child (one who hid behind my mother’s skirt whenever the doorbell rang), every move struck fear into my heart. The worst part for me was lunch on the first day of school. Standing by the cafeteria cash register, tray in hand, all I wanted was to sink below the linoleum and disappear. I never knew if I would be accepted, but I was forced to push through, to take chances and hope, by faking confidence, I would find a friend.

My parents always did one thing that proved very helpful. As soon as a move was announced, they pulled together all the information they could to help us picture living in a new state or country. They were quite adept at creating excitement about upcoming adventures. And, looking back, I see that despite all my fear, their vision casting helped me accept and adjust to the constant change our moves created.

Since those early days, I have continued to go through numerous changes. Some chosen, some not. I cycled through transitions from single adult, married woman, career-oriented mom and stay-at-home mom, until my husband passed away, leaving me a widow and single mom – definitely not part of my plan. I later remarried and became a stepmom to three teenagers. Though this choice was made willingly, it turned out to be the most difficult of all my transitions. Since then, I have returned to a career, retired from it, and started this business to help others through their life transitions.

Jimmy Dean once said, “I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.”

Are you going through a difficult change? Have you envisioned your destination? I am here to help you “see” what you want your life to be and come up with plans that use your strengths to help you get there. Let’s begin!



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